20 years of successful investing

We believe a portfolio of high quality small- and mid-cap value stocks can deliver superior risk adjusted returns over a full market cycle

There are many obstacles that investors need to overcome

To achieve their long-term financial goals

Volatility weighs down returns

Investors emphasizing high quality small- and mid cap value companies can limit their portfolio’s volatility and help maximize the effects of compounding over a full market cycle



There is no substitute for experience. Over the past 20 years we have helped our clients navigate a variety of market environments and build long-term wealth.

Investment Process

Build a portfolio of high quality small- and mid-cap value companies that deliver high returns on invested capital sustained through durable competitive advantages.

Stable Value Portfolio

Our goal is to outperform our benchmark and peers over a full market cycle with less volatility, thereby offering our clients a smoother ride toward achieving their long term financial goals.

Ballast Mission

At Ballast we strive to deliver a smoother ride in good markets and bad, seeking to help our clients reach their long-term financial goals by setting clear expectations and through investment in high-quality small- and mid-cap value stocks.

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Invest With Ballast

There are many challenges that investors struggle to overcome that can limit long-term success. Ballast Equity Management understands these challenges and has experience to help you reach your goals.

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Invest With Ballast

There are many challenges that investors struggle to overcome which can limit long-term success.  This is where Ballast Equity Management can help with proven performance and experience. Let us take you through our investment process.

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